Damo "Damien Higginbotham" Higgo is a Sydney based writer, actor and drug user. He founded The Daily Spooge during a desperate bout of quarter-life crisis when he really should have been figuring out how to get out of a spiralling black hole of debt, not contributing to it by buying a year long $120 Squarespace subscription. 

Damo has written for stage and screen. His credits include The Delusionists for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, We Live To Science Another Day for the ABC (Fresh Blood) and a web series called Me & My Housemates (Web Series). He has performed at The Sydney Comedy Festival, The Sydney Fringe Festival, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Short & Sweet (won Best Actor), ABC's Fresh Blood, Illusion 5 for Hoodlum Productions and Trainerz for the OptusONE80project.

He is currently working on a feature film, a radio play and a one-man show as well as a bunch of other stuff. 


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